Parish Book Club


The 7 Secrets of Divine Mercy

by Vinny Flinn

Jennifer Fulwiler on Sirius XM radio said, “This book isn’t just a book for people who want to know more about Divine Mercy – this book is for people who want their entire relationship with God revitalized.


 Book Club Schedule

Week 1: Nov. 6th – Secret 1

Week 2: Nov. 13th – Secret 2 and 3

Week 3: Nov. 20th – Secret 4 and 5

Week 4: Nov. 27th – Secret 6

Week 5: Dec. 4th – Secret 7


     We will meet during the same time the children are at religious education which is after the 8:30 a.m. Sunday Mass at Resurrection Parish. Please come!
     The framework for this class will be set up like an interactive college class led by Carol Houseworth. We will do the reading of the book in class by using a jigsaw approach. This will allow us to read sections of the book in dynamic groups and share out our ideas. This will allow us to “study” during the class. Many times people avoid book clubs because they don’t have time to read outside of class. With this format you can participate with greater ease.  If you can’t make the classes, you can still participate via email by contacting and you can be added to the online portion of the class. Suggested donation for each book is $4. 50 books have been ordered, but we would be happy to order more.