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The Present and Presence

"The Present and Presence" presented by Deacon Tom Dubois will be on Tuesday, December 11 at 7:00 PM in St. Mary's cafeteria.  

Advent is fast approaching, and along with it the hectic month of December.  During this time as you prepare for Christmas, we are offering a time to slow down and listen as Deacon Tom Dubois helps us take a look at how to be "present" and experience God's Spirit within us, around us, and in our business. 

Deacon Tom Dubois was ordained in 2000 by Bishop Hoffman.  He serves as a deacon for both Resurrection and St. Mary Parishes. Deacon Tom has a Master of Pastoral Studies from Loyola University in New Orleans.  His day job is as the Executive Director of the National Association of Diaconate Directors. 

Don't miss this special opportunity to grow in faith and make Christmas preparations filled with Jesus.