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Highlighting our Catechists

Sep 17, 2018

   This weekend is being observed as Catechetical Weekend. Catechesis is the process of exploring and working to relate the implications of the Faith that we celebrate at Mass to all areas of our lives. Our Faith can be described as a Way of Life that has implications for how we spend our time, talents and treasures, both individually and as members of groups. This is a life-long process.

   A vital challenge that faces all of us is that of transmitting the Church’s Faith to the upcoming generation in an attractive manner.

   The primary role of handing on the Faith of the Church to children and youth falls to parents. There is no substitute for this. Parents or guardians can make or break the opportunity to transmit the Catholic Faith to their children. Let’s look at what parents (guardians) can do to promote the faith formation of their children: 1) Praying for the children entrusted to them is the most important way that they can help them. Prayer enables us to be there for those under our care as the Lord wants this to happen. 2) Coming to Mass each weekend provides the all-important motivation that is needed to lead children to want to explore the Faith and how our Faith relates to all areas of our lives. 3) We can powerfully motivate the children to want to come to religious formation sessions by recognizing and by responding to our own on-going need for faith formation. When was the last time, as adults, that we pursued opportunities that have been offered to grow in our own faith-life? 4) Discussing with the children what they talked about and did in their catechetical sessions can serve to re-enforce the efforts of their catechists. 5) Offering to support the catechists in various ways can mean a lot to those who dedicate themselves to the work of transmitting the Faith to the upcoming generation. 6) Some parents might want to train to become catechists themselves.

   A deep note of gratitude is extended to those who have committed themselves to serve as CATECHISTS. Each Catechist personifies the Church outside of and beyond the setting of our families in a vital manner. As we develop, oftentimes the way that we regard and relate to the Church is significantly influenced by the tone that is set by our Catechists. 

   In regard to our spiritual development, it can be said that it takes a village to raise a child. Parents can be overwhelmed by the divine charge to raise their children to know, to love and to serve the Lord. What a blessing our Catechists are in the mission of transmitting the Church’s Faith to those who are coming up! Hopefully, parents will appreciate that our Catechists are there to help and to support them.

   As we develop, many people come in and out of our lives. We can’t remember the names of all in and through whom we’ve been influenced. Among persons whose names I will always remember are the Catechists who generously shared the Faith and something of their very lives with us children and youth. I sense that many can identify with this. 

   Let us all continue to be grateful for and to pray for our Catechists and their vital work. They are here to support you, the parents and guardians of the children entrusted to you. Hopefully, our Catechists and Parents will agree that the goal of relating to the children entrusted to them is to motivate the children to want to grow in their love for the Lord and to find His place for them in this world.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Nelson Beaver – Pastor