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Holy Communion from the Cup

Feb 3, 2018

  As an effort to minimize the possibility of transmitting the flu and other harmful viruses, we will refrain from distributing the Cup at our Masses during the months of February and March.

At the Masses at which a Deacon is scheduled to exercise his ministry, as an ordinary minister of Holy Communion, he will distribute Hosts. Hence, at Resurrection Parish at these Masses, we will need only one more distributor of Hosts. At St. Mary Parish, we will need two more Host distributors.

   We will  also refrain from exchanging with one another the Sign of Peace at the Masses during February and March.  

    I will continue to  offer to shake hands with people at the end of Masses for those who wish to take part in this gesture. This sounds contradictory in relation to avoiding to  give the Sign of Peace during Mass. The reasoning is as follows:

During Mass, we do not have the opportunity to cleanse our hands between the Sign of Peace and the reception of Holy Communion in the hand. After Mass, we have the opportunity to cleanse our hands if we wish before consuming food with our hands.  

   God-willing, we will plan to resume offering the Cup at Communion time at the Masses on Holy Thursday, at the Easter Vigil Masses and at the Masses on Easter Sunday and at each celebration of Mass thereafter. 

   Let’s continue to pray for and do what we can to promote good health in our Parishes.

Fr. Nelson Beaver