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Annual Catholic Appeal

Mar 6, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
After Vatican II Council (late 1960s), the Church exploded with new efforts to share the faith and involve lay people. We formed Pastoral Councils, Finance Councils, Liturgy Committees, Social Action Committees and other efforts. The Diocese also worked hard to support these local efforts. It was Bishop Donovan who started DDF (Diocesan Development Fund). this money was to be used to support these outreach efforts. Later it became the  ACA (Annual Catholic Appeal) which we now support. You will be receiving mailings for this drive as well as envelopes in the pews. So where will the  money be used?
The diocese is funded through two main sources, the ACA and the parish assessment. The parish assessment is based on the regular collections plus Christmas and Easter x 10%. This is the assessment on each parish. This supports the business side of the diocese. It includes the Archives, Tribunal, information TECH, Human Resources, Chancery, the main downtown office, legal Risk Services, Chancellor, USCCB, Holy See, Communications and the Financial/Audit services. They budget $2.85 million for these efforts. The parish assessments make up $2.9 million.
The ACA covers +/- 75% of the costs \for the Pastoral/Ministry programs of the diocese. Last year the total budget was $3.85 million, and included the following: 2% deacon formation, 9% priestly formation (Fr. Eric Culler education studying Canon Law), 11% Catholic Education, 22% Catholic Social Services, 5% Youth/Young Adult Ministry, 11% Cathedral and Rectory, 14% Parish and Family Life, and 26% for Seminarians education and training.
All of this is a reminder that we are part of a bigger Church and we support one another in proclaiming the message that Jesus and His Church are alive and spreading he Good News in our own time.
Thank you for your support in this needed effort. The Lord still blesses a cheerful giver.
Fr. Nick