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Best Number of Children

Jun 2, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I mentioned to some folks that The Ohio State University did a study on the best number of children to have in the family in order to have the best adults to emerge. I asked the folks to guess the number. 3?, 2.5? 4? The Ohio State study came up with 6. Rather interesting. I didn't read the results but I can guess at the process. You would have the snitch (the one who tells all), the quiet one (who never shares anything), the bossy one, the compromiser, the negotiator, the peace maker. In their interaction they would have to deal with each personality, they would learn how to compromise, negotiate, bribe, threaten, retaliate, respect boundaries. In their growing years, they would prepare for the adult world and be ready to deal with anyone. On the other hand, the only child would find out that she/he is not the number one when growing up and dealing with the other adults. They would find it tough to interact successfully.
It is also interesting when asking young folks how many children they expect to have in their marriage. We are stuck in 2-3. Why? Can't afford to send more to college. The criterion for the number becomes money. Now, I don't remember Jesus speaking of making decisions on life based on money? This seems to be more of a first country kind of a thing. No wonder European countries and America are not having enough children to replace the population.
What if the children don't want to go to college, what happens to all that money if the child received a total grant? Would folks give it all t he ACA? Wouldn't that be nice.
We have to be careful when we use anyone but God for our decision process. He has to bae the first consideration. What would God want? Then take it from there.
Come Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit!
Fr. Nick
This would solve my problem of the folks who call me to  help me pay my student loans.