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Beware of the Wind, My Brothers and Sisters!

Dec 2, 2018

When I was in high school seminary, we lived next to Lake Wawasee, the biggest  lake in Indians, 9x3 miles. In the winter it would freeze and we could go ice-skating. I remember how tough it was to skate against the wind and how easy to let the wind take over on the way back.
This comes to mind as we enter the Advent Season.
Jesus came to go against the wind of his time. His message often countered the message of the Romans and, even, the religious leaders at that time. He confronted hypocrisy, power, indifference, persecution, unbelief. In all of this His path was always to do His Father's will no matter what the consequences.
We hear the voice of the prophets during this season, they warn the people, exhort the people, challenge the people to prepare for  the coming of the Messiah. Their message runs true even in our own time. Prepare, Repent is the message of John the Baptist, the greatest prophet of the Old Testament. Ours is to prepare as well to follow Christ during this season. As I am typing this letter, I was informed of the death of Fr. Gerry Knueven, a priest brother, a member of my Thursday prayer support group. He had been dealing with kidney and blood issues but it didn't sound serious. He was found dead by his sister  in his apartment. We had been reading the scriptures about being prepared but didn't think it was to be that close.
Read, listen, pray, repent our time is near. Confessions are scheduled, take advantage of them in order to be prepared spiritually. We come to mass to be fed by the Lord for our journey. Let us be prepared.
The journey continues!
Fr. Nick