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Carpe Diem

Jan 27, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters surrounded  by snow!
I am celebrating a day of Senior Status as a priest this January 21. This means that I can do my own agenda, enjoy the sun and snow and not have to do anything special. It's great! I recommend it!
This message has comments on various events. I find that writing for the bulletin means I have to start looking ahead. I missed the opportunity to support the Right to Life effort. It was disappointing  to see the support given to the Woman's March but nothing on the Right to Life March in USA today. There was Joy in the Right to life march yet a lot of anger in the Woman's' March. Celebrating Martin Luther King's day reminded me that we have a lot of work to be done on race and woman issues that demand our respect, encouragement and love to overcome the inertia of 'we have always done it this way'.
Is there value in cancelling mass on the radio and tv? The diocese asks us to call off Mass when it is level 3. I would encourage all of you to use your best judgment on your safety and driving in the snow when deciding whether to come to Mass or not. When your driveway drifts over and you can't get out, stay home. Enjoy the peace and quiet, admire the snow, it is also God's gift.
The folks who made it to mass this past weekend had a wonderful, spiritual, and joyful spirit. We gathered in the center of the Church, dialogued at homily time, found out that we are all gifted by the Holy Spirit with special gifts and that Jesus knew how to make excellent wine at Cana. 
Two  comments that struck me "I am still looking for gold in other people." It's a good time to slow down and relax."
Carpe diem, enjoy the day.
Fr. Nick