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May 14, 2019

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Christ has risen from the dead! What a difference it makes, or does it? The Apostles struggled with their response from fear, to wonder, to excitement, to determination to proclamation with the power of the Holy Spirit!
Where are our changes? What is the Spirit directing us to do? In family, in business, in daily living, in our personal actions? Can we let go of our fears and be ready for changes? Those who received their first holy communion and those who were confirmed have entered a new phase of their journey. What is our new direction?
At. St. Mary, we have some changes for the parish. Mary Rennpage (our bookkeeper) and Terry, her husband, have decided to adopt their great niece, Eva, to provide a safe and loving home for her. God bless them in their new journey. Our new bookkeeper is  Kathy Adams who is a member of our finance council and familiar to many in the parish. We will also hire a part time secretary.
The office hours for the summer at St. Mary will be on Monday and Friday, as well as on Sunday from 9:45-10:45. This will allow folks to schedule masses and conduct business when they cannot do so during the week.
Enjoy the sunshine and admire the rain!
Fr. Nick