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Come Holy Spirit

Jun 9, 2019

My brothers and sisters in Christ,
Come, Holy Ghost, Heiliger Geist, Sanctus Spiritus, Espíritu Santo, Come, Holy Spirit!
I grew up with the German Heiliger Geist. I met Sanctus Spiritus, the latín version, in the seminary and Espíritu Santo in my Spanish learning  years. My brother still likes the Ghost version,' what was good when I grew up is good now.'
So what's the difference. The change came about with the English translation of the liturgy back in the 1970s (I think) in order to better translate the version from the Latin. There was also Caspar the Ghost and we didn't want to get the two confused.
As in any translation, it never seems to be enough to understand the reality. How true that is when we try to understand the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity--Ghost--Spirit--the Comforter --the Consoler. The mystery of the Trinity is a mystery which means we will never fully understand it. It reminds me of the little girl furiously painting in her classroom. The teacher asked what she was painting. She said: "God." ' Well, we don't know what God looks like", said the teacher. "They will when I get done," said the little girl.
We all have our version of God, give me, answer my prayers, I am mad at you, I praise you, I thank you, I adore you, stay with me, guide me, show me the way, etc.
Jesus said, "if you know me, you will also know the Father. I do what the Father wants me to do. As the Father is in me and I in Him, so may you be in us." We look to our lives to see  who God is to us. The Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles and Disciples and they were no longer afraid. They went forth to proclaim the Good News, "Jesus suffered and died for us. He rose from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of the Father. Repent and go teach all nations and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and I will be with you always."
That is a start in knowing God and what He asks of us. Come, Holy Spirit, we need you in our life.
Fr. Nick