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Come Holy Spirit

Jul 5, 2019

My brothers and sisters in Christ,
The Lord does things in His own time and own place. I have found this to be true in my life. This happened again as I responded to the Bishop's invitation to take on the assignment of ministering at St. Mary and Resurrection 8 and a half months ago.
I have been blessed by all that happened during this time. I have found a deeper devotion and trust in the Holy Spirit. Some would probably say about time and it has been the right time. Even though I have no wife, I found people eager to help me--'Father the children need blessing'....'the St. Michael prayer', etc. At time it was a humbling experience but thank God for a sense of humor. You   accepted me at a difficult time and were kind in your remarks. You gave me a great sendoff this past weekend at both parishes. I am grateful for the remembrances, the kind words and the gifts. The diet plan is in serious trouble.
 We discovered how to make the Our Father more meaningful, we know that we need to call on the Holy  Spirit in our daily life and that food is part of the welcoming found in each parish. I was blessed by the comments ' our parish is home to me, I was accepted when I moved here' these and other similar comments speak well of both parishes.
 I ask forgiveness for the times I disturbed you by asking you to move closer together, if in any way my quick comments were not too gentle and if in any other way I didn't reflect the message of Our Savior.
Let's continue to pray for one another, for Fr. Beaver and the resolution of the accusations, the fresh beginning with Fr. Matt and teach him well how to be a good pastor. It's his first pastorate and his enthusiasm in very evident. 
I want to give you my usual penance for those who came for the sacrament. "Think of 10 blessings the Lord has given you and, if any of the blessings are people, tell them you are grateful that they are in your life." I want to start my own list with thanking God for all of you. You have been a blessing for me. God be gracious to you.
Fr. Nick
On the road again for my third retirement!