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January 6, 2019

Jan 4, 2019

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
What is the magic word? children know it, it is thank you and, sometimes, please.
This Christmas season which ends January 13 has given me many blessings as I experienced your faith in action. The advent preparation and all the activities preparing us for the coming of the Christ-child. The outreach to many families to give them a good Christmas blessing and experience. The work of the children preparing in their own way with outreach to shut-inns,  helping to decorate for the coming of the Lord. Then all involved in the switch to Christmas, the decorations, the choir rehearsals, the ministers needed, the continuing prayers for Fr. Beaver, the remembrance of those who couldn't be with us, the families gathering from all parts of the world reuniting to celebrated the gift of loving one another. 
We were given the reminder that following Christ takes sacrifice. The feast days immediately following Christmas highlighted the saints who gave their life for the Lord. They were not afraid to profess out loud the gift of salvation, sacrificing all they had to help prepare others for the coming of their Savior  into their hearts. Even though most of us have abandoned Christmas decorations, trees, ornaments, lights, yet the Church prolongs the celebrations with the coming of the magi (astrologers, kings) from the East (January 6) proclaiming the Savior for the rest of the world and, finally, ending the season, with the baptism of the Lord, the beginning of His public work.
Then, the real work begins. The work of our daily life to integrate Christ in it.
On a personal note: many of you have thanked me for my presence among you. There have been cards and gifts, cookies and cookies and  more baked goodies. The stomach is full but the heart more so. I offer you the magic word of Thank You and may the Lord bless you 100 fold.
Ready to move to the Ordinary Time of the Year.
Fr. Nick