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Let This Cup Pass Away

Apr 14, 2019

Let this cup pass away, my brothers and sisters,
Monday night I spoke about the suffering of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. What struck me was the phrase: "Father (Abba) let this cup pass away from me, but not my will but yours be done!"
How often has this been a challenge for me in my life. the phone call, 'can you go to the hospital' when I was ready to go to bed, Father, 'could I have an appointment with you' when I was ready to have a relaxing day. The desert looked so good when the doorbell rang, there were many times a funeral interfered with personal plans, I couldn't make a friends funeral because of parish responsibilities. I remember planning on seeing a movie but always something interrupted.
I am sure this happens more frequently for those of you who have children. God has a way of getting our attention even though we don't want to hear from him. It happens when e want to do something which we know is wrong and we get interrupted and can't do it anyway.
We struggle with temptation and need to pray not my will but yours. God has our best interest in mind, at times we are in the dark and need to trust. Easter is near, can we pray it one more time, not my will but yours be done.
Fr. Nick