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My Lord and My God

May 5, 2019

My Lord and my God,
For Thomas, it was no longer Jesus, Master, Friend, now it was my Lord and my God. He, along with the other disciples, finally understood that this was not the political Messiah that they had expected but it was The Lord, The Son of God, God among them. Their faith made it possible to accept and proclaim that fact as they continued their journey as His disciples.
We had our young people proclaim that same belief as they come forward to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation from Monsignor  Borger, the representative of Bishop Thomas. RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT was the gift given to them and they responded Amen.
Our first communicants heard: THIS IS MY BODY, TAKE AND EAT, THIS IS MY BLOOD SHED FOR YOU  and they said Amen. We believe said all of them.
We are people of faith, transformed to accept Jesus as the Son of God, who has and is forgiving of our sins, whose love is unending every day of our life. Come let us adore and follow Him. Let us recommit ourselves every day to be His disciples in our words, actions and way of life.
A fellow disciple!
Fr. Nick