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We are the Body of Christ!

Feb 3, 2019

My brothers and sisters in Christ!
This past Sunday St. Paul wrote to the Corinthians (12:12-30) That in the Holy Spirit, we are brought together into the Body of Christ. This is important.  'In the Holy Spirit' who moves us, inspires us, directs us to Christ Jesus and unites us to the Body of Christ, the Church. Therefore to be in the Body of Christ, we need to let the Holy Spirit guide us This means that all our actions need to be in conformity with the direction of the wisdom, understanding, courage, fear of the Lord and the other gifts He gives us. We are not of the Body of Christ if we have put a barrier between us and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 
What does it mean to be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the Body?
1. It means we need one another. We are not Lone Rangers doing our own thing,  nor are we superior to the other members.
2. We differ from one another. That is another blessing. We acknowledge the difference but accept them as needed to build up the Body.
3. We are to care for each other. We cannot ignore the needs of others just as our natural bodies depend on the other parts to join together to develop the whole body.
The benefits of the Body of Christ are the following:
1. We have security, we all belong to the Body, we are not alone.
2.  We have the identity of bringing special gifts to the Body.
3. We share responsibility. You need me, I feel with you, I rejoice with you, we belong together.
Come Holy Spirit, guide us, keep us open to be true members of the Body of Christ.
Fr. Nick