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What More Could He Have Done?

Jun 23, 2019

My brothers and sisters in Christ,
Fr. Brennan, a priest who gave retreats, tells this story of his life. He was in Korea in a foxhole with his best friend. Suddenly a grenade rolled into the fox hole. His friend flipped away his cigarette and fell on the grenade and was killed.
Brennan became a priest and kept in touch with his friend's mother. One time, after he had given a retreat, and was flying home he felt lonely. The folks he talked to had a family to go back to but he didn't. He thought he would visit his friend's mother. During the visit, he asked her do you think he loved me. The Irish mother got really mad at him. "What do you mean did he love you, he gave his life for you! What more could he have done?"
We are celebrating the feast of Corpus Christi, the Body and Blood of Christ. Did He really love us? He gave His life for us! What more could He have done for us. Not only that but He continues to unite Himself to us as we receive Him in that very same Body and Blood.
Whenever I use these words at the consecration of the mass " which is given for you....which is poured out for you." I am challenged to do the same thing. To give my life to pour out my life for you. As St.; Paul said 'when it is convenient or when it is inconvenient.' I could add when I am tired, when I am preoccupied, when it is not convenient, when I had other plans, etc.
We come together to encourage one another to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. We are called to be one in His Body and Blood, we are called, as St. Paul says, to the vision: "It is no longer I who live, it is Christ who lives in me." Last Sunday, we were told, we are made to God's Image and Likeness," Now we are told to receive Him Body and Blood. WHAT MORE COULD HE HAVE DONE FOR US.
In His love,
Fr. Nick