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A Case for Eucharistic Adoration

Oct 1, 2018

    We live in a highly function-oriented world. Many of our relationships with others are function-driven. We come to one another because we need or want something. We get together to accomplish a project. Oftentimes, after we’ve met a need or accomplished a mission, we disperse.

   Obviously, functional relationships are important and needed. Functional relationships can be very draining if that’s all there is to human relationships.

In our day, it’s easy to lose the art of just being there for one another. We still experience this on holidays, when we just choose to hang out with specific persons. It’s great just to be there with and for others when we don’t have an agenda up our sleeves for them. We need to proactively work to find time and room in our function-driven lives just to be there for others.

   If and when our relationships with one another are primarily functional, it’s easy to understand why our relationship with the Lord can become mainly functional. For example,  churches fill up in times of crisis and hardship, but then when relief has come, the number of persons who gather for prayer decreases significantly.

  From the times that we come together just to be with one another, we can grow in the ability to appreciate the value that Eucharistic Adoration offers.

   Opportunities to just gather together to enjoy one another’s company remind us that as persons, we are each a whole lot more than the sum total of all that we can do for one another. Functional relationships by themselves can wear us out.

   Our relationship with the Lord can weaken can weaken and lose its vibrancy if we come to the Lord primarily when we need or want something. It’s possible to relate to the Lord mainly as a means of getting what we want.

   Couples who are happily married enjoy first and foremost each other’s presence. Wise couples plan for times when each person can just be there for the other. By doing this over the years, each person comes to develop mannerisms of the other. Just being there for each other on a regular basis can provide the energy that is needed to be up to the challenges of marriage and parenthood.

   Eucharistic Adoration offers us a distinctive opportunity just to be in our Lord’s Presence. Hopefully, by developing and remaining in the habit of Eucharistic Adoration, we will grow in the desire to praise and to thank the Lord for Who He is in and of Himself in addition to all that He does for us. Eucharistic Adoration enables us more and more to express His mannerisms in our relationships with one another. Habitual Eucharistic Adoration provides the energy and enthusiasm that we need to carry out each day all that the Lord would do in and through us in an upbeat and proactive manner.

   I hope that Eucharistic Adoration will be a habit into which we will want to continue to grow.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Nelson Beaver - Pastor