Diocese of Toledo, Ohio

December 2016 archive of From the Pastor

December 2016 archive of From the Pastor

A Standing Welcome to All!

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 12/18/16

   People travel to our State for a variety of reasons. Two events that drew persons to Ohio during the present year were the Republican National Convention in July, and more recently, the World Series in baseball. We are all drawn to that which we perceive to be significant. ... Read More »

Receiving & Extending a Gift that Continues to Give

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 12/14/16

   During this time of the year, many of us think about gifts that we can give to persons about whom we care. An on-going gift that all of us can offer to others is that of the best version of ourselves. We’ve been created and redeemed to live ... Read More »

Communion Services

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 12/14/16

BISHOP THOMAS’S THINKING AND POLICY ABOUT COMMUNION SERVICES:    Recently, I, Fr. Beaver, was asked to review our Diocesan policy in regard to holding Communion Services on days on which a priest is not available to celebrate Masses on weekdays in a given parish.      I will share ... Read More »

A Built-In Opportunity to Witness to Our Faith

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 12/05/16

   This coming Thursday, December 8th, we, as Church, will be observing the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of our Blessed Mother. For all Catholics, there is as serious a responsibility to participate at Mass for this occasion as there is to come to Mass each weekend. Masses for this ... Read More »


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