Diocese of Toledo, Ohio

Advisory Committees

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council consists of nine members, the Pastor and a representative from the Finance Council.  Members serve a three-year term and are recommended by their fellow parishioners and appointed and approved by the Pastor.  The Pastoral Council, a recommending body to the Pastor, serves as the voice of the parishioners. As a group of faith-filled people, the Pastoral Council has the mission of envisioning and planning for the spiritual growth of the parish.  Contact Father Matthew Frisbee at 419-884-0060 or [email protected]


Finance Council

The Finance Council is an advisory body to the pastor regarding the finances and maintenance of the buildings and grounds of the parish.  The council meets monthly to review financial statements, requests for funding, and sub committee activities.  Finance Council members have taken on specific tasks and have asked other parishioners to assist with those tasks.  Some of the current sub committees are weekly money counting, building and grounds maintenance, monitoring parish investments, and budget development.  One member of the Finance Council is also a member of the Pastoral Council.  Monthly meetings are attended by Finance Council members, the parish priest and the parish bookkeeper.  Anyone interested in assisting with any of these activities can contact Tom Morell at [email protected]


Sacrificial Giving Committee

This group selects recipients each month for our Parish Sacrificial Giving.  5% of our normal parish monthly income is distributed to works of charity and religion that are not included in our parish budget.  Recipients can be individuals or families in need or organizations that serve the various needs of the people.  For more information contact Danielle McGinty at [email protected]