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From the Pastor

From the Pastor

October 16th/17th Bulletin Article

Posted by Mary Young on 10/14/21

Dear Friends,

I mentioned in a homily a few Sundays ago that we need to acquire a taste, a desire for holiness, and we can begin to acquire that taste for holiness by acquainting ourselves to holiness through what media we read, listen to, and watch. I thought it ... Read More »

October 9th/10th Bulletin Article

Posted by Mary Young on 10/14/21

Dear Friends,

We approach the end of this series on Holy Mass. We discussed last week the reception of Holy Communion. There is maybe one last thing to mention about the Communion Rite. In the Roman Missal (the book with the prayers and rubrics of the Mass), there is ... Read More »

October 2nd/3rd Bulletin Article

Posted by Mary Young on 9/29/21

Dear Friends,

Having spent enough time discussing various aspects of preparation for the reception of Holy Communion, it is now time to move into the actual reception of Holy Communion. Before reverently consuming the consecrated Host, the priest prays silently, “May the Body of Christ keep me safe for ... Read More »

September 25th/26th Bulletin Article

Posted by Mary Young on 9/22/21

Dear Friends,

At the end of last week’s bulletin column, I approached the topic of preparing ourselves for fully receiving the Blessed Sacrament. Some may wonder why they can’t go to Holy Communion if they are in a state or mortal sin. “Didn’t Pope Francis say that the Eucharist ... Read More »

September 18th/19th Bulletin Article

Posted by Mary Young on 9/15/21

Dear Friends,

After the priest completes praying the preparatory prayers for Holy Communion, he genuflects. After the Agnus Dei has been finished, everyone kneels. The priest holds the consecrated Host over the chalice and elevates them, saying, “Behold, the Lamb of God. Behold Him who takes away the sins ... Read More »

September 11th/12th Bulletin Article

Posted by Mary Young on 9/07/21

Dear Friends,

Having briefly discussed the Our Father, we continue forward to the Sign of Peace. We do this as a plea for peace for those in the Church and for the entire human family; we also do this as an expression of mutual charity. We can say that ... Read More »

September 4th/5th Bulletin Article

Posted by Mary Young on 9/01/21

Dear Friends,

There are many treasures within the Eucharistic Prayer, but it is time to continue through to the Our Father. At some point during our Lord Jesus Christ’s public ministry, the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, and what we now call the Our Father or the Lord’s ... Read More »

August 28th/29th Bulletin Article

Posted by Mary Young on 8/24/21

Dear Friends,

We hopefully conclude the Eucharistic Prayer in this week’s bulletin installment on the Mass. Last week, we discussed the Epiclesis—calling down the Holy Spirit—and the Consecration. After the Consecration with the elevation of the Host and Chalice, the priest proclaims, “The Mystery of Faith,” and the congregation ... Read More »

August 21st/22nd Bulletin Article

Posted by Mary Young on 8/17/21

Dear Friends,

We continue through the Eucharistic Prayer, the high point and most sacred part of the Mass. Last week, we covered the first two elements of the Eucharistic Prayer: Thanksgiving found in the Preface and Acclamation found in the Sanctus, the Holy, Holy, Holy. Today, we will focus ... Read More »

August 14/15th Bulletin Article

Posted by Mary Young on 8/09/21

Dear Friends,

I concluded last week’s bulletin column with the dialogue between the priest celebrant and the congregation, in which the priest invites everyone to enter more deeply into the offering of thanksgiving and Christ’s sacrifice, asking that God may look upon our offerings with favor. Everyone responds, “May ... Read More »


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