Diocese of Toledo, Ohio

Other Ministries

Knights of Columbus 

Knights and their families feed the hungry and help shelter the homeless. They help senior citizens remain healthy and active. They fight to protect the right to life of all individuals. Who are the Knights in our community? You have seen us working at the parish picnics, fish fries, and fundraisers for handicapped children.  All K of C programs allow families to work together to aid their church, their community and one another. This all helps create community in the church family. If you are a practicing Catholic man at least 18 years old, the Knights of Columbus provides you an opportunity for fellowship with men who share the same beliefs, and who recognize the same duty to God, to family and to the folks down the block. You can become as involved as you wish. Contact Tom Morrell 419-884-7774 or [email protected]


Family Life Ministry

This ministry is designed to bring the families of Resurrection Parish together for fun activities.  The goal is to bring the Resurrection community together for a time of fellowship. Resurrection is more than a church building, it is full of many people who are all part of our church family.  This ministry will allow adults and children to meet other people of our parish community. We want people to feel at home here, to see the church as more than just a place to worship one hour a week. We hope to bring families together to develop relationships and see Resurrection as a part of our extended family.   Contact Janice Dahlinghaus at 937-307-3423 [email protected].


Respect for Life Group

This group is dedicated to protect the lives of all, both the born and unborn.  We have brought to the attention of the congregation issues concerning abortion, showing the Holocaust of the unborn babies. We are currently expanding to other respect life areas and have included prison ministries.  This active group meets monthly in the church.  Contact Elaine Ahles at 419-756-6349 [email protected]


Natural Family Planning

This is a process that encourages married couples to express marital love in a manner that is in harmony with the teaching of Christ as this comes to us in the Church.  For more information contact Dr. Nicholas or Beth Phillips at 419-468-4457 [email protected].