Diocese of Toledo, Ohio


Resurrection Choir at Sunday Mass

Music ministry is an important aspect of the Liturgy worship services leading the congregation in song and providing music that helps to reflect the Word of God.  The Resurrection Choir is always seeking new vocalists and instrumentalists who would like to share their musical talent.  The membership is flexible.  Singers can join every week or choose to sing only specific times of the year as prearranged with the director. Instrumentalists can plan to play at special occasions as arranged with the director.  The Resurrection Choir practices Wednesday nights 7:00pm-8:30pm from September through May.  They participate at Sunday Mass, Holy Days and Funerals.  If you are interested in joining this group you can speak with Mary Martin after morning Mass or contact her at 419-883-2679 or mtmartin3@neo.rr.com.


Resurrection Parish Folk Group

Resurrection Parish Folk Group plays for 6 pm Saturday mass every week, usually practicing an hour before Mass. Our group is guitar based, with flute, violin, and voices. We enjoy an occasional get together at a member's home or a park for a picnic, fellowship and music. We are always looking for new members to be in our group!  Stop by and talk with us after Saturday Mass or Contact Barb Weaver at 419-512-0683 barbweaver5@gmail.com or Vickie Johnson at 419-961-5713 pattycakes_2@yahoo.com.