Diocese of Toledo, Ohio

Religious Education

Religious Education Program

Our religious education program begins the third week in September and ends the last Sunday in April. During Sunday morning Mass, Kindergarten and ages 3-4 have a structured class. Student in grades 1 through high school have class for an hour right after Mass.  First Communion and First Reconciliation are offered to second graders and older children who need these sacraments. Usually First Communion is the first Sunday in May.  Confirmation is offered for those in grades 7 & 8 in the spring of every other year. There is a summer program for all ages in June.  During the year other activities are offered.  Announcements are in the bulletin and in the schedule given at the beginning of the year.  Contact Theresa Korte at [email protected] or Melissa Heichel at [email protected]


 Children's Liturgy of the Word

During the same time of year as our religious education program, children Preschool-grade 2 are dismissed during Sunday morning Mass to go downstairs for a lesson on the reading and Gospel of the day.  They have material to work on during this class and after Mass. Contact Theresa Korte or Melissa Heichel at 419-884-0060 


Prayer, Pizza and Pop

This is held on a Friday from 5:30 to 8:30 pm- check the PSR Calendar for dates each month.  Prayer, Pizza and Pop is a children and youth ministry for kids from 4 years old up to 8th grade.  Anyone older than 8th grade is welcome to come and help out.  Come enjoy pizza, pop and ice cream.  We break up into age-appropriate groups and have fun.  The 6th-8th graders participate in activities in the living room with our Youth Minister, Veronica Dannemiller.  The younger groups will enjoy playing games, reading scripture, singing, dancing and acting out Bible skits, as well as doing crafts.  Contact Melissa Heichel for questions or to volunteer at 614-989-2724 or [email protected]


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is a form of religious education that focuses on children.  It is usually a three days in duration and teaches the Bible to children in a fun, safe and wholesome environment.  It includes music, crafts, Scripture, Bible stories and much more.  It is designed to bring the Word of God to the children in a way that they will not only enjoy but remember for years to come.  There are many volunteers needed for Vacation Bible School and people can help out in a number of ways. There are always items needed to make the program successful so we invite parishioners to donate items.There are many volunteer positions available for the actual program. Parishioners can volunteer to lead children through the program helping them understand the lessons. They can also help with crafts or games. Volunteers are needed behind the scenes as well for food preparation, paperwork, registering children or other fun activities to enhance the program.  Contact Theresa Korte or Melissa Heichel at 614-989-2724 or [email protected] to volunteer.