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Lighthouse Catholic Media

We are proud to present a new educational opportunity here at church called Lighthouse Catholic Media.   In the Narthex is a Lighthouse Catholic Media kiosk offering audio CDs, books, and pamphlets.  A practical and effective program to help Catholics know their faith...keep their faith...and share their faith!
We are able to meet you where you are!  Wherever you have a CD player, in the car or at home, you can deepen your understanding & love for the Catholic faith when you listen to inspiring talks given by some of the best Catholic speakers in the world. .
On the way into church you will see a stand offering different CDs books and pamphlets. These feature some of the most inspiring bishops, priests, deacons, and Catholic lay people.  There is a suggested donation of $3.00 per CD, $4.00 per book and $.50 per pamphlet so that we may continue this program.  

The kiosk is double sided and has something for everyone.  One module is dedicated completely to youth titles and another with only Spanish titles.  There are audio CDs for children too such as the Cat Chat for ages 3 to 11.  There are books and CDs on faith building, marriage, the sacraments and on biblical truths.   There is truly something for everyone.
  All donations stay in the parish to fund new titles. When these are gone, a new set with different titles will be ordered.  We encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.