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July 2017 archive of From the Pastor

July 2017 archive of From the Pastor

Catholic Challenges and Opportunities

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 7/24/17

Over 3,500 Catholic leaders -- both ordained and lay -- gathered earlier this month to discuss the challenges and opportunities that face the Catholic Church in the United States today. The Convocation of Catholic Leaders was inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical, Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium).

Here are ... Read More »

The Spiritual Nature of Vacation Time

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 7/20/17

   Many of us have an opportunity to shake loose and get away from the normal routine of responsibilities that fall to us. Whether we have a little or a lot of money to spend, we can all benefit from taking vacation time.    A spiritual director once shared with me ... Read More »

The Significance of Infant Baptism

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 7/10/17

   As Catholics, we stress the importance of infant baptism. In accord with the Catholic tradition, parents are urged to arrange for the Baptism of their child as soon as the health of the mother and the new-born child allow for this. So important is Baptism that in an emergency ... Read More »


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