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October 2020 archive of From the Pastor

October 2020 archive of From the Pastor

Deliver us from evil part 2

Posted by Barb Weaver on 10/27/20

Dear Friends,

            “Deliver us from evil.” Even though we reflected upon this last week, it's worth revisiting it again. Since we discussed the evils we face individually, we can look at some other ways that the enemy of human nature attempts to mar, distort, and destroy the image ... Read More »

Pope Francis' comments in a recent documentary film

Posted by Barb Weaver on 10/22/20

Comments recently opined by Pope Francis regarding same-sex unions have fueled a firestorm of response. Having received a deluge of questions from parishioners and priests who trying to make sense of what he said in only the first 24 hours, I humbly offer these clarifying points. Church teaching has ... Read More »

Deliver us from evil

Posted by Barb Weaver on 10/21/20

Dear Friends,

            I want to say thank you for your expressions of sympathy and condolences at the passing of my grandmother, and thank you as well to those who attended her funeral this past Monday. She lived a full life, and most of us in the family were ... Read More »

Lead us not into temptation

Posted by Barb Weaver on 10/20/20

Dear Friends,

            “Lead us not into temptation.” If we reflected upon the most challenging petition of the Lord's Prayer last week, we are now discussing perhaps the most confusing petition of the Our Father. Why would we have to worry about God our Father leading us into temptation? ... Read More »

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us

Posted by Barb Weaver on 10/20/20

Dear Friends,

            For many weeks now, I have intended to provide you with an update about our summer seminarian, Jay Livecchi. Jay returned safely to Rome at the end of August. He has had a few conferences and seminars—including one on giving homilies—throughout September, and now classes should ... Read More »


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