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2024 archive of From the Pastor

2024 archive of From the Pastor

Bulletin Article July 20/21

Posted by Sara Freed on 7/22/24

From the Pastor:                                                       The gospel passage for this Sunday is shorter than normal. It is only five verses from the Gospel of Mark, and the last verse is as follows: When Jesus “saw the vast crowd, His heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep ... Read More »

July 13/14 Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 7/12/24

From the Pastor:                                                       In the bulletin each week is listed the daily Mass schedule as well as the special intention of the priest for each Mass. Next to most of these is a small cross, which indicates that the person for whom the priest is praying is deceased. If ... Read More »

July 6/7 Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 7/12/24


June 29/30 Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 6/27/24

From the Pastor:                                                       This Thursday is our annual Independence Day celebration. It’s a special opportunity for every person of this country to give thanks to God for the many blessings we have been given. Every one of us has reasons to give thanks. Some have been blessed more than ... Read More »

June 22/23 Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 6/21/24

The time away this past week for us priests was a tremendous blessing in many ways. As I mentioned last week, all the diocesan priests from across our diocese gather together with the Bishop once every two years for retreat, study, and prayer. I usually forget how important and ... Read More »

June 15/16 Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 6/12/24

From the Pastor:                                                      

The priests of our diocese will be away four days this week in Huron, Ohio for convocation with Bishop Thomas. This gathering occurs every other year and its purpose is for us priests to study and reflect together on the topics presented by various people, including ... Read More »

June 8/9 Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 6/12/24

From the Pastor:      Hopefully your summer has begun well and you have plans for rest and relaxation. I’m certainly looking for ways to do so, otherwise this wonderful time of year will be gone before we know it. There is much to do, but we need to take ... Read More »

June 1/2 Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 5/31/24

From the Pastor:     

The young man pictured in this photo is actually a teenager whose name is Carlo Acutis. He was 15 years old when his early life ended from leukemia in 2006. During his short time here on earth, he lived a remarkable life, in many ... Read More »

May 25/26 Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 5/27/24

This weekend we celebrate a very important national holiday - Memorial Day. The origin of this national holiday goes back to the Civil War. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it was a way of honoring the soldiers who died in that war. Today we remember all American soldiers who ... Read More »

Bulletin Article May 18/19

Posted by Sara Freed on 5/15/24

rom the Pastor Congratulations to those from our parishes who are graduating from high school or college this year. It is one of the most exciting times in the life of a young person. I remember both of my graduations and I’m still grateful for them today. The many ... Read More »


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