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February 2018 archive of From the Pastor

February 2018 archive of From the Pastor

A Direct Relationship Between a Penitential Spirit and a Life of Generosity

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 2/25/18

   The Lenten Season invites us to continue to live in a grateful and loving manner in response to all that God continues to give to us and do for us in our Lord Jesus Christ.    Next Sunday, March 4th, St. Mary Parish is to host the annual Area ... Read More »

Providing for Security at Masses and at Other Parish Events

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 2/18/18

    The more recent shootings at a church in Texas challenge us to look at the matter of providing for the safety of all who gather for Masses and for other parish events and activities.    It seems that there are two extremes that we would hopefully want to ... Read More »

Lent Starts This Coming Wednesday, February 14

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 2/11/18

  The Christian Faith centers around the Events of the Sufferings, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, which we refer to as the Paschal Mystery. In and through these Saving Events, we are offered the forgiveness of all our sins and the continuing opportunity to realize in ... Read More »

Announcing the Inevitable

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 2/03/18

   As many are aware, in the Diocese of Toledo, priests are normally appointed to serve as Pastors for a term of six years. The term for a pastor is often renewed once. Normally after serving for twelve years as a pastor in a given parish or parishes, the ... Read More »

Holy Communion from the Cup

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 2/03/18

  As an effort to minimize the possibility of transmitting the flu and other harmful viruses, we will refrain from distributing the Cup at our Masses during the months of February and March. At the Masses at which a Deacon is scheduled to exercise his ministry, as an ordinary ... Read More »


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