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September 2019 archive of From the Pastor

September 2019 archive of From the Pastor

Take Back Sunday!

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 9/30/19

Dear Friends,

            Take back Sunday! This thought came to mind when reflecting upon last week's reading from the Book of the prophet Amos. Amos says, “'When will the new moon be over,' you ask, 'that we may sell our grain, and the sabbath, that we may display the ... Read More »


Posted by Deborah Dubois on 9/23/19

Dear Friends,

            Members of the staffs from both parishes and I recently attended a conference on ministering to Millennials. Perhaps you believe Millennials are anyone under the age of 35, and maybe you've heard stereotypes that they are entitled, lazy, and love avocado toast, but who are they ... Read More »

Church as a Sacred Place

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 9/17/19

Dear Friends,

            I discussed the importance of posture at Mass and the integration of body and soul in prayer in general. A couple of incidents (not necessarily here!) have prompted me to discuss the environment in which we celebrate Mass. I've noticed that before funerals or weddings that ... Read More »

Prayer Posture

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 9/09/19

Dear Friends,

            Someone recently texted me and asked why not all Christians make the Sign of the Cross and why only Catholics (and the Orthodox) do so when beginning and ending prayers. I don't have a readily accessible answer to that question, although I could speculate as to ... Read More »

Eucharistic Miracles

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 9/01/19

Dear Friends,

            I recently mentioned a Pew Research Center study which found that about only 30% of Catholics believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, meaning that 70% assert that the bread and wine are merely symbols of Christ's Body and Blood. One of the ... Read More »


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