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February 17/18 Bulletin Article

ear Parishioner,

You should have recently received a letter in the mail from the diocese regarding the Annual Catholic Appeal. As you recall, this time each year our Bishop asks for donations to help with funding the daily spiritual needs of our diocese. The work of all the people in the central offices of our diocese (located downtown in the Pastoral Center building) are essential to what is done at the parish level. The services they provide for us at the parish level isn’t always seen but has a real effect.

For example, in our increasingly complicated and technical society, the spiritual and administrative support that the diocesan administrative offices give me, the parish staff, and school is greatly appreciated. Their expertise helps us to better serve those in the parishes and those in the schools in many different ways. The various resources they provide range from spiritual to financial, sacramental to legal, government rules and regulations, and even helping to arrange and coordinate sports for our youth. 

Another important benefit of the Annual Catholic Appeal is the recruiting and training of men to be priests and deacons. This very important work is not the responsibility of any one parish, but all the parishes in our diocese. The many years of education and formation required for just one man to be a priest is very costly. Then when we consider the collective cost of all the seminarians in our diocese prepared for the priesthood, we understand the need for this anneal funding appeal. Please pray that more young men will hear God calling them to “follow Him” as priests and have the faith and courage to say, “Yes!”  The more seminarians we have, the greater the expense for their education, but I’d gladly put money toward more laborers in God’s vineyard!

The men and women in the Diocesan offices also provide training for religious education teachers, retreats for parishioners, outreach programs for the underprivileged, ministry to the immigrants, youth ministry, and much more. There is more they could help us with if they had the financial resources available. As a result, during this season of almsgiving, please prayerfully consider what you might be able to give to help the work of the Church in our small part of the world.

I encourage everyone to please consider giving something. Small amounts add up. I realize that there seems to be far too many charitable organizations appealing to you and me for our money.  However, I and many other priests in our diocese give very generously to the Annual Catholic Appeal. It is about financially supporting ministries in our communities. Remember, our generosity will never surpass God’s generosity. Thanks to those who have already given to the Annual Catholic Appeal and to those who will do so during this Lenten season. 

Fr. Miller


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