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God wants to dwell in us!

            When hosting guests in our homes, we usually work to ensure a hospitable, gracious, and comfortable stay. Jesus says in today's gospel reading from St. John's Gospel (14:21-26), “We [the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] will come to him and make our dwelling with him.” God wants to dwell in our hearts and souls; He wants to dwell in our lives. This continues what is stated in the Prologue of St. John's Gospel: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling [translated literally: pitched his tent] among us (1:14).” To allow God to more vibrantly dwell in our lives, we need to make our lives, our souls, our hearts more comfortable, hospitable, and gracious places for our Lord to dwell. How do we do this? Much could be said about this, but there are three items found in today's gospel reading to help us: observing the commandments of the Lord, keeping his word, and loving God wholeheartedly.


Come, Holy Spirit! Help prepare our hearts and souls to be a fitting dwelling for You with the Father and Son!


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