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Jan.14/15 Bulletin Article

From the Pastor:                           

With the Christmas season officially ending last week, and before moving further into the busyness of 2023, I pause to recognize and give thanks for the many people who graciously gave of themselves for the good of our parishes. You have been in my prayers each day of the Christmas season. Doing so was part of the Christmas joy that I experienced because in praying for others we bring God’s goodness to them.

We three priests had many conversations during the past several weeks about how grateful we are for the kindness and generosity of the parishioners from all three parishes. Even though serving three parishes has its challenges, we feel blest in getting to know the parishioners of each parish and the inmates at the local correctional institutions. We collectively thank everyone who has been generous to us in words, deeds, or other ways. We’d like to send each of you a personal “thank you” but there aren’t enough hours in the day for that. We hope that our deep, genuine thanks here in the bulletin conveys to you what we would like to do in a personal note.

Having just moved out of the Christmas season, all of us cannot help but to be profoundly grateful for the many musical groups that helped the Christmas Masses to be as beautiful as they were. We all benefit from their sacrifice and dedication throughout the year, especially during Christmas. Thanks also to those who decorated the church, hung the wreaths, and watered the plants each day. In each of these tasks, parishioners helped to make our churches and celebrations beautiful. Again, know of my deepest gratitude and prayers for each of you.

I’m always thankful to the staff at each parish who clear the snow and ice even in the brutal cold, who create the bulletins, work on the sound systems, pay the bills, clean the restrooms, mop the floors, etc. We priests and all the parishioners are grateful for your dedication and hard work day after day. May God bless each of you in this new year!

One of the special joys of this Christmas was the completion of the Diocesan capital campaign. I’m deeply grateful for all those who pledged to support our parishes for years to come. Your generosity and commitment to the Faith is truly inspirational to me, my fellow priests, and the entire team that worked the campaign for five months. For them, I am especially grateful! Although small in number, they were mighty in deed. Have no doubt that God’s blessings is upon each of you!

Finally, last week was my birthday. I turned 50 years old. How did that happen? I feel much younger and pray each day to do God’s will. However, unlike most people, I have been looking forward to this birthday for two reasons. The first is that it’s a nice, round number. The second and more important reason is that it means I’m at least half way to the Heavenly Kingdom. I’ve lived a very blest life, but as good as it has been, there’s no comparison to being in the presence of God and all the angels and saints. 

Fr. John Miller


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