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July 23rd/24th Bulletin Article


Hello, parishioners of St. Peter, Resurrection, and St. Mary of the Snows!

I am writing to introduce myself to all three parishes officially. Although I have been serving this wonderful community for just over two years, there are still many of you I have yet to meet. So just a little about myself! 


I was born and raised in Toledo, Oh. I'm an only child, and most of my family still lives in the Toledo area. After graduating from Central Catholic High School and attending two years at the University of Toledo, I transferred to and graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. (Yes, you got that right. As most of you know, three engineers now live under the same roof!)


After working as an engineer for ten years, I finally found my true calling and God's will for my life. People often ask, "Well, how and when did you know?" My response is always the same: God calls us to our vocation from the minute we are conceived, whether that be life as a priest, consecrated religious, permanent deacon, chaste single adult, or as faithful husbands and wives. We just have to take the time to hear that call. For me, I had to hear the call from Mother Mary. 


I remember the day exactly. I was stationed for a time working in Spain, and after my arrival, I decided to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal, just south of where I was living. The voice was very clear, and it was nothing short of a miracle. It's incredibly awe-inspiring when the heart becomes so convicted that the whole self does not want to, or cannot, do anything other than to choose to live out the call wholeheartedly.


After my seminary years at Mount Saint Mary's in Cincinnati and after spending two years exploring the Society of Jesus, I was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Toledo on June 27, 2020. My ordination class were deemed "COVID Priests" and we were each able to invite only fifty people to our ordination because of the pandemic. As most of you will remember, that was the height of COVID!


Upon ordination, I was assigned to St. Peter and have been here ever since. I've very much enjoyed my time here. But I have to tell you, as a self-proclaimed orthodox charismatic who is both an optimist and affirmer, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our three parishes!


We can't help but become even stronger if we unite in sharing our gifts, talents, and abilities with each other. In doing so, we will be blessed! Know that each and every one of you inspires me, fills me with joy, and makes me a better priest when I look out and see your faces every weekend.


Please do not hesitate to introduce yourself to me whenever you see me!


Be blessed! I love you all!


Fr. Kevin.



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