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May 13/14 Bulletin Article

Dear Parishioners,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in our parishes! Today we thank our mothers in a special way for the love and concern they have for us.  It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the blessings that God gives us through our mothers and how different our lives would be without them. Being a caring and devoted mother is not an easy task, so today we make a special point to thank all mothers who have selflessly given of themselves for their children. Thank you for all that you do for us!

Every child is a gift from God that is more valuable than any worldly fame, fortune, or pursuit. Mothers play a crucial role in what the future of their children looks like in this world and in the next. Like the Blessed Virgin Mother, the impact of mothers is meant to be far greater than the confines of this world. God intends for mothers to help their children each day become saints. How great it is for mothers to consider this important and essential role that God has given them here on earth!

It’s not an easy task but with God’s grace it is possible! The more mothers do so the more they themselves become transformed into the likeness of Christ. How beautiful – mother and child growing in Christian maturity. Let us pray that mothers will love their children enough to commit themselves to this great task. We need to pray that they see their responsibility not through worldly eyes but through the eyes of Christianity.

In this month of May, let each of us thank our heavenly mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, for her ceaseless prayers for us. It might be hard to imagine, but she loves us even more than our earthly mother does. She is always interceding for us before Jesus. She wants very much to lead us to Jesus so that we can experience the same inexpressible joy that she experiences in HIS presence! Trust your Heavenly Mother and listen to her plead to pray the rosary, especially in this month of May.

This weekend there will be a second collection for World Mission Sunday. In years past, this appeal was connected with the Society of the Propagation of the Faith. The money collected in our parish, and in the parishes throughout our Diocese, will go to support Catholic missionaries throughout the world. Thankfully, there is great hunger for the truth of Christianity by millions of people who have not yet heard it.

St. Teresa of Calcutta once said: “The greatest poverty in the world is the absence of God in the lives of so many people.” She made heroic sacrifices each day to live the Catholic Faith and to bring it to others. Your financial support for Catholic Missions throughout the world is greatly appreciated! Being part of the missionary activity of the Church is the how we can have the greatest positive effect on this world.

Fr. Miller



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