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May 25/26 Bulletin Article

This weekend we celebrate a very important national holiday - Memorial Day. The origin of this national holiday goes back to the Civil War. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it was a way of honoring the soldiers who died in that war. Today we remember all American soldiers who paid the ultimate price for freedom – their lives. We thank God for the countless blessings we enjoy as a result of their courage and selflessness. To honor them, our nation pauses this weekend and the parish office will be closed this Monday.

Please remember to include in your daily prayers all those who are currently serving in the military. Pray that they will remain soldiers of Christ while they are soldiers for our country. We pray that even in war, they will never forget that each and every person is loved by God and created in God’s image and likeness. The situations they encounter can be some of the most difficult a person has to face. Please also pray for the veterans who are dealing with physical or psychological injuries from war.

Our nation was built upon the hard work and sacrifices of each of its citizens.  The sacrifices of some were obviously greater than others.  Americans once knew that some things are more important than self and require them to sacrifice of themselves for the greater good of others. The Founding Fathers of this country feared the day when citizens of this country no longer sacrificed for the good of the country.

Today, as we continue to benefit from the sacrifices of the previous generations, sadly far too many Americans have developed a sense of entitlement. From that follows the exaggerated notion of “having a right” to whatever it is the person desires. Quickly disappearing is the willingness to sacrifice the pursuit of one’s own wishes and wants for the greater common good.  Our nation’s motto, Out of Many One, becomes obsolete if we aren’t willing to work for something beyond our self-serving interest. God instructs us not to be deterred by the suffering that is inherently part of self-sacrifice: “Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example that you should follow in His footsteps.” (1 Peter 2:21)

While we celebrate this national holiday, faithful followers of Christ continue to experience increasing pressure to follow the moral code of the State instead of the Church.  An increasing number of people have a one-sided approach to the separation of Church and State – the State can dictate how the Church functions in the public realm but not vice versa. Certainly the problem is “solved” if we, as many Christians have done, abandon the moral principles God has given to us. 

Authentic followers of Christ, however, have no other moral code than that given to us by God’s Church. That is why the Catholic Church is seen as divisive, since we stand opposed to the self-deceptions and illusions of every age. Our opposition to these is not the result of stubbornness or lack of compassion, but because of our love for God and love for neighbor.

Thanks again to all those who, out of dedication and courage, have responded to the needs of our country and served those around the world.


Fr. Miller


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