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September 9/10 Bulletin Article

September 10, 2023

From the Pastor and Bishop Thomas:               

It’s been just over a year since our three parishes began the diocesan Living Christ capital campaign, and just over half a year since we officially concluded it here locally. Thankfully, each of our parishes have been receiving their share of the proceeds as parishioners make payments on their pledges. In the weeks ahead, I’ll be providing an update on the money received thus far and the status of the work it is intended to accomplish. As I mentioned before, I’m profoundly grateful to the hard work of all those who helped with the campaign, especially the co-chairs, and our parishioners who are contributing their hard-earned money to our parishes and diocese! In this regard, I happily share the following letter I received last week from Bishop Thomas.

August 14, 2023

Dear Father Miller and Parishioners,

All good greetings in the Lord! Please accept my deep and heartfelt appreciation for all that you and the parishioners accomplished during the Living Christ campaign. The fruits of these efforts will benefit your parish and our diocese for years to come.

Together with you I recognize and honor all of the energy, dedication, and commitment that resulted in not only achieving but exceeding goal. The results are a direct reflection of the amazing work of the parish staff and volunteers, as well as the abundant generosity of so many parishioners.

As you know, the Living Christ campaign began with a very ambitious goal of $65 million. Counting all the parishes of the Diocese of Toledo and lead gifts, collectively we have raised over $104 million! Thanks be to God! I, and so many others, have been so moved by the generosity of those who helped us achieve this goal. Our successful and historic effort required so much from so many. You were an integral part of this success, and I am forever thankful for your efforts.

We have been truly blessed to work together through this Holy Opportunity to renew our dedication and support for the mission and ministry of our entire diocese, all of our parishes and all of our institutions. We have evangelized today, so that Christ may continue to live among us and in us.

In recognition of your wonderful work, I am pleased to present your parish family with a campaign memento of a Living Christ glass plaque, which I hope you will display with pride and joy. Please know as I look at the original stained-glass roundel in my living room, I am reminded of the incredible fidelity and generosity of so many faithful throughout our diocese. It is my hope that this memento may serve as a constant reminder of the gift your parish is to our diocese, and of our ongoing witness to the Living Christ.

Again, please know how truly grateful I am for your sacrifice, tireless efforts, and wonderful generosity. Thank you for sharing the love of Christ and announcing He is living in and through us. Be assured of my prayers, I continue to depend on yours.

Gratefully yours in Christ Jesus,

Most Reverend Daniel E. Thomas
Bishop of Toledo



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