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From the Pastor

From the Pastor

Deliver us from evil

Posted by Barb Weaver on 10/21/20

Dear Friends,

            I want to say thank you for your expressions of sympathy and condolences at the passing of my grandmother, and thank you as well to those who attended her funeral this past Monday. She lived a full life, and most of us in the family were ... Read More »

Lead us not into temptation

Posted by Barb Weaver on 10/20/20

Dear Friends,

            “Lead us not into temptation.” If we reflected upon the most challenging petition of the Lord's Prayer last week, we are now discussing perhaps the most confusing petition of the Our Father. Why would we have to worry about God our Father leading us into temptation? ... Read More »

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us

Posted by Barb Weaver on 10/20/20

Dear Friends,

            For many weeks now, I have intended to provide you with an update about our summer seminarian, Jay Livecchi. Jay returned safely to Rome at the end of August. He has had a few conferences and seminars—including one on giving homilies—throughout September, and now classes should ... Read More »

Give us this day our daily bread

Posted by Barb Weaver on 9/29/20

Dear Friends,

            “Give us this day our daily bread.” This petition is a bit of a hinge within the Our Father. The previous petitions have focused on the glory of God: hallowing His name, the coming of His Kingdom, His will being done. With this petition, we begin ... Read More »

Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Posted by Barb Weaver on 9/22/20

Dear Friends,

            Thank you to everyone who supported Resurrection through the raffle this year. Certainly, it would have been preferable to have the picnic, so we look forward to having it next year. Congratulations to Bryan Pfieffer, who won the grand prize, to Mike Yetzer, who won second ... Read More »

Thy Kingdom Come

Posted by Barb Weaver on 9/14/20

Dear Friends,

            As I mentioned at Mass last week, I encourage everyone to participate in the National Day of Prayer and Fasting for our country on September 24, asking God to grant healing and mercy to our country and to grant conversion of our hearts. President Abraham Lincoln ... Read More »

Hallowed be Thy Name

Posted by Barb Weaver on 9/08/20

Dear Friends,

As Bishop Thomas continues the diocesan initiative to reconnect (reconnecttoledo.org/september), we focus on living as holy disciples in this month of September (and always). This week, may we reflect upon this question: Who is an example of what it means to be a disciple? The best examples ... Read More »

Who art in Heaven

Posted by Barb Weaver on 9/01/20

Dear Friends,

            Looking at the difficulties and challenges we face—as individuals, as families, as a country, as a church—we are reminded all the more of the importance of prayer. Because of that, I continue exploring the prayer taught by our Lord Jesus Christ when His disciples asked Him ... Read More »

Our Father (continued)

Posted by Barb Weaver on 8/21/20

Dear Friends,

            I'll begin by relaying some information Bishop Thomas sent to all pastors and parishes. The first piece of information is that the dispensation from the obligation to Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation continues until further notice, meaning there is no obligation to go to ... Read More »

Our Father

Posted by Barb Weaver on 8/10/20

Dear Friends,

            August 15 is the solemnity of the Assumption of Mary and is usually a holy day of obligation, but because it falls on a Saturday this year, there is no obligation. Nevertheless, we still ask Mary, Queen of Heaven, to pray for us, now and always! ... Read More »


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