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From the Pastor

From the Pastor

Oct. 8th/9th Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 10/07/22

     As I was scanning the news headlines a few weeks ago, I was surprised to see an article co-authored by Cardinal Blase J. Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago, and Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of New York. These are two of the most influential voices in the Catholic ... Read More »

Oct. 1st/2nd Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 10/07/22

Dear Parishioners,This Tuesday is the feast day of one of the most popular and well-known saints of the Church – St. Francis of Assisi. Most people know that Francis was a gentle, loving man, but unaware of his heroic acts of self-denial, including rigorous fasting. Francis was not a ... Read More »

Sept. 24th & 25th Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 9/23/22

Dear Parishioners,

This Thursday is the feast day of the archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. It is an important feast day for several reasons. The first of those is to remind us that angels are real, living persons. We know that God created both human persons and angelic persons. ... Read More »

Sept. 17th & 18th Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 9/14/22

Dear Parishioners,

In my years of priesthood, I’ve had the privilege of knowing many people, including parents of newborn children. One of those is especially memorable for me because the young mother gave birth to triplets. She and her husband were ecstatic with the three new additions to their ... Read More »

Sept. 3rd & 4th Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 9/13/22

From the directors of our tri-parish RCIA and Confirmation programs.Jenny EwingI have been blessed with opportunities to work for the Church in some capacity for most of the past 28 years.  After graduating with a degree in History (Ohio State University '92), my husband Rick and I lived in Columbus ... Read More »

Sept. 10th/11th Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 9/13/22

When does summer end? That depends on your perspective. For students, it’s when they return to school. For others, it coincides with Labor Day Weekend. However, for the parishioners of Resurrection Parish, it ends with their annual Parish Picnic, which is this weekend. It’s wonderful that they gather together ... Read More »

August 27th/28th Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 8/30/22

August 28, 2022

Dear Parishioners,

Next weekend Bishop Daniel Thomas will be here in the Mansfield area to officially install me as pastor during the Resurrection parish Mass on Saturday evening and the St. Mary parish Mass on Sunday morning. We are very happy to have him with us.

... Read More »

Aug. 20th/21st Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 8/19/22


My name is Mikayla Gypton and I’m the new youth minister for our three parishes. Growing up, I was the kid whose parents couldn’t make them go to youth group. I didn’t like trying to make new friends and I sure as heck didn’t like playing the games ... Read More »

Aug.13th/14th Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 8/10/22

Dear Parishioners,

This week I’m inviting you to invite another person to join the Catholic Church. That might seem like a bold request on my part but most adults become part of the Catholic Church because someone invited them to do so. However, before doing anything, pray to God ... Read More »

August 6th/7th Bulletin Article

Posted by Sara Freed on 8/04/22

From the Pastor:                                                      

Growing up on the farm, one of the most unwelcome sounds of God’s creation for my brothers and me were the cicadas. It wasn’t that we disliked the strange, winged creatures, but instead it signaled to us that summer would be ending soon. The freedom of ... Read More »


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