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From the Pastor

From the Pastor


Posted by Deborah Dubois on 4/11/15

   Our Lord’s Rising from the dead frees us to face the reality of our own deaths and that of our loved ones in a proactive manner. Ways in which we might prepare for death include the following. First, we might plan to make out a will. Hopefully, this would ... Read More »

Where Do We Go From Here?

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 4/06/15

   Hopefully, this is the most upbeat weekend of the year. The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ offers all of us the basis for living with confidence and hope.      Living in this world parallels the arrival and passing away of the seasons of the year. Spring is ... Read More »

Chrism Mass

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 3/28/15

THE ANNUAL CHRISM MASS-A BRIDGE BETWEEN THE DIOCESAN FAITH COMMUNITY & OUR LOCAL PARISH FAITH COMMUNITIES- A highlight during Holy Week in which most persons do not have the opportunity to participate is the annual Chrism Mass. The Bishop serves as the main concelebrant of this Mass during Holy ... Read More »

Holy Week Opportunities

Posted by Deborah Dubois on 3/25/15

HOLY WEEK OPPORTUNITIES:    At the heart of our Faith are the saving Mysteries of our Lord’s Sufferings, Death and Resurrection. The services scheduled below are designed to enable us to enter as fully as we can into these Mysteries.    Special opportunities to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation this week ... Read More »


Posted by Deborah Dubois on 3/15/15

 PRAYER – A PRIME OPPORTUNITY TO EXTEND THE POWER OF PRESENCE    At times, we can be overwhelmed by all that we feel we have to do. This happens as the strength of our connectedness with others weakens. As one of us, our Lord Himself experienced this in relation ... Read More »


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